We are all in the first year of our CPE preparation course. Most of us are university students studying here in Thessaloniki.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Hello again! This is Fedora with my meme list of the ten things that I have done that most people haven't

1. I did a parapente sky dive
2. I stayed five months in Portugal as an exchange university student
3. I have close friends who work and live permanently in all continets, - exept Australia
4. Eventhough I m not French I love eating snails
5. I graduated first in my university class
6. I received first prize in a chess competition during summer camp
7. When I was little I used to make puppets and organise puppet shows
8.I was a member of a planners and architects group working for an English housing association in London
9. Received the first prize in an architectural competition for designing a Natural History Museum
10. I'm married happily
proficiency 1e 2006


Blogger proficiency 1e said...

I am so scared of heights,i wouldh't even try go paraglidding.How courageous of you!

2:56 AM

Blogger proficiency 1e said...

I am afraid too, but I lost a bet....

1:17 PM

Blogger teacher dude said...

I've eaten snails as well, on Kimilos.


4:37 AM


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