We are all in the first year of our CPE preparation course. Most of us are university students studying here in Thessaloniki.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Actually we are facing a moral dilemma.
i think we are moving on a one way street.
we are miles away from civilazation, people die everyday and the food and the medicine are getting less and less day by day .
On the other hand we are in danger because they can kill us any time.
But,above all we are humans with heart and feelings
and we believe that it deserves to sacrifise one or two or tree lives for saving hundreds
So, me and my team will take the risk, and are going to accept their offer at the first stage. During the period of time we wiil find a way to trap them and if its nesseccary we will kill me .
Because in every movie, the good size always succed doesn't it????


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