We are all in the first year of our CPE preparation course. Most of us are university students studying here in Thessaloniki.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hello again i am Liana and i want to recommend to you an interesting movie i saw receintly.The title is 'The constant gardener'.It is about a diplomat who lives in Africa with his wife.His wife is found murdered.The rumors say that her boyfriend abused and killed her.However her husband(the diplomat)refuses to accept this explanation and he starts investigating.He will find out that his wife was ready to reveal a conspiracy between goverments and drug industries.The drug industry claims that is helping African people by giving them medication for AIDS,but in the mid time a new drug for tuberculosis is being tested which causes death!!!!!!
I am not going to tell you what is happening next............
After you see it tell me your opinion.
I hope you enjoy it!!!!!!


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