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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hi this is George and this is my answer at the question" Do Zoos do more harm than good?"
I believe that keeping an animal inside a cage for all of it's life is going to make it "forget" it's wild life and it will go away from nature.But in some cases keeping an animal away from the cruelty of the jungle it may save it,if it is under extinction and keeping it at a zoo gives you the chance to produce more of it's kind and save it from extiction.
On the other hand,all those animals that are kept in zoos are not able to survive if they come back to the wilderness and the only use that they have is their role in the zoo,which includes nothing,except from making the turists happy.
So,personaly i believe that the zoos do some good,but generally the harm the animals and if we want this to change we(and by "we"I mean humans)should stop hunting wild animals that are under extinction,help them survive and come closer to nature.


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